Hello, I'm Shirl & this is my husband James, we are very pleased to meet you.

Our Mission: To go where not many have gone before us.

Our Prime Directive: To Act for the Highest Good of All Life Forms! (Self, Others, & Nature).

Our Intentions: To awaken the Love, in all hearts for self-work, self-healing  & inner happiness.

Our Life Quest: Unlock "The Great Mystery"  How-to-Live for abundant Health, adequate Wealth, Inner Peace; endless Joy & a Hot Body. 

Our Education: Health Spa Providers: Quality of Life Studies, Fitness, Massage, & Self-work.


  • B.A. 4 yrs Quality of Life Studies - Recreation Therapy (work, leisure, spiritual,cultural, social...

  • B.Ed. 2 yrs Social Studies Major, Physical Education Minor, & Special Populations Education,

  • Life Guard, Personal Fitness Instructor, Scuba Diving Instructor, Certified Yacht Crew,

  • US Licensed Massage Therapist, Alberta 2200 hr Registered Massage Therapist, Esthetician,

  • Roll Model Provider, Release Workshop Provider & Release Work Instructor for RMTs.


  • B.A. 4 yrs Physical Education,

  • Life Guard, Personal Fitness Trainer, Scuba Diving Instructor,

  • First mate Captain Training,  Certified Yacht Crew, Industrial First aid, 

  • Alberta 2200 hr Registered Massage Therapist

  • Release Workshop Provider 

 The Story

Shirl was Five years of age, when she was asked that all important question.  "What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?" And in all seriousness she announced to a house full of guests, that She was going to be.... wait for it, "A Play Boy!".  It was hilarious to all in attendance, but not to her, she scowled at them & announced she was going to bed.  What was in their minds, she will never know, but in hers,  was a lifestyle of travel, meeting people, recreation in nature, studying & making a living.  Or something close to that. 


The Reality at the time was the opposite, imagine a preschooler given up by her overworked Accountant mother & five school age siblings right after Potty Training graduation to be in the sole company of her father & other old wise Ranchers & Farmers.  This training involved a lot of listening to Moral stories, gossip & general visiting around cafe & kitchen tables, followed by helpfulness to insure an invitation for dinner next week.  All through childhood from early Spring until late Fall, she shadowed her father's nomadic trips between two farm properties, leaving her elder siblings behind to do the Farm-Work over the weekend at the home place, while they headed South, one hundred miles away to do Farm-Work & Visiting-work for four days before heading back.  This is where Shirl's Nomadic, Weekend-working, Being of Service Lifestyle was created.  Her Play was being of service; her Joy was in listening to others & her Friends were the Horses, Farm Dogs & Barn Cats. This is also where she intuitively learned how to massage, through the love & care she gave her animal friends.


James & Shirl met 31 years ago in their 3rd year of University, a year later James choose to join Shirl's quest.  Today they are Nomadic, Weekend & Evening working,  Release Workers, Spa providers & Workshop leaders; Living & Working in the Regional District of Vancouver Island; enjoying a lifestyle of Travel, Meeting People, Being of Service, Living Healthy, and  Hiking, Biking, Skiing, Diving, &/or Paddling and anything New, Different & Exciting, or at least Interesting that may come their way.  


Most Professional Massage

That massage was performed with a perfection we rarely encounter.  From the very start with an outstanding facial massage followed by a smooth, orchestrated flow of movements exhibiting not only remarkable confidence & in depth knowledge of tissues under her fingers, but also an intuitive ability to locate areas in need of special attention.  Lisa B. Instructor AIMT 2001

I've Traveled Extensively

& I get Massaged in both Spas & Clinics

everywhere I go

& I have to say

that your massage

is one of my Top 3 experiences.  I'll be back.

That wasn't what I thought I wanted
when I booked the appointment,
but it's exactly
what I
Where can I Find Someone
who Does what You Do
In My City?

That was amazing,

I would have never imagined my body could feel so good. 

I'm so Relaxed. 

Dr.T.P. Surgeon

I wish we
could take you two home
with us.
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