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Release Work is a Revolutionary Relieving, Relaxing & Restful Retreat for the Body & Brain.
  • Release Work is a 2 hour Session.
    • 90 minutes of Body Work sandwiched between a 15 min Consultation & a 15 min Closure & Change over.
  • Includes introduction to RW Workshops, we explain Why you hurt; How you got there & What you can do about it.
  • Om' Pop-up Spa is a Mobile in-home service, like other contractors, we charge for Travel, Set-up & Take down costs.
    • We arrive 15 minutes early to unpack & set-up tables & take 15 minutes after to take-down & pack-up tables & Car.
  • Release Work does not qualify for Health Insurance reimbursement. We are Relaxation professional, not clinical therapist.
  • All Inclusive Fee Includes:
    • Reservations & Scheduling
    • Travel Expenses for a 30 km Radius of the Comox Valley, Vancouver Island (over 30km fee is adjusted)
    • 2 hour Release Work Spa Session, per person,  based on Double occupancy
    • Mini Release-Work workshop
    • Spa set-up & take down 
    • Payment processing
    • Gratuities are not expected. 
Relaxing Release Work

For Workers & Retirees

who feel pretty good.

A relaxing full body experience, focusing on Releasing Stress & encouraging Restorative Rest.  90 min. $220

Regional Release Work

For Workers who Hurt a lot

in more than one spot. 

Custom Create your Release Work, by choosing the Muscular Regions that are tight, stiff & ache.  Focusing on Releasing the tension & knots in the muscles & the restrictions in the joints.  90 min (3 x 30 min Regions)  $220

Stone Release Work

For Workers Who like It Hot.

Using warm, smooth, palm size Black Basalt stones place you in a deeper relaxation while  Releasing Congestion in the tissues. A Full Body relaxing experience.  90 min $230

Lymph Release Work

For Workers with Acute Injury or Swelling.

Lymph work releases the Congestion in the tissues, reducing swelling & pain, while speeding up healing. Focused Lymph Work is 30 minutes & can be one of your three  in the Regional Release Work.  30 min Region

Neck Release Work

Who's your big Pain in the Neck..

Is it, Computer work; Desk work; School work or Child work?  I would guess you suffer from headaches. Neck Work, works so well at releasing headaches you'd think it was magic.  30 min  Region 

Stress Release Work

For Workers who are

over-worked, stressed or anxious.

Does it feel like your nervous system is set on high? This work focuses on shifting the nervous system to encouraging the return of Digestion, Rest & Recovery. 90 min  $220

Foot Release Work

For Workers who think on their Feet.

Foot Work releases the tension & aches in the feet, while reflexively influencing the whole body, if you can believe that. We combine Reflexology with deep muscle work, for fantastic feeling feet.   30 min  Region

Chakra Release Work

Release the Back & balance the Chakras

Includes 30 min Back Release Work; 30 min Neck Release Work & 30 min Energy Work.  Guided Meditation, Aroma therapy, Gem Therapy & Mini Chakra Workshop.

90 min  $240  

Face Release Work

Canadian opposite of the Indian Face Lift.

Soften lines by Releasing the tension in the face muscles. Super Relaxing, stress buster & anxiety tamer.  30 min Region 

Facial Work

Includes Face Release Work, Facial Product application, Masque & 30 min Regional work. 90 min $230 + Skin Care Travel Kit

Self - Release Workshop

DIY Self-work to Release your own Knots

Add a 30 min Self-work Workshop to your Regional Work: Personalized Ball Work, Stretching & Strengthening, Includes Postural awareness & discussion of causes & contributing factors that are keeping you from healing. Speed up Healing with a daily Release Work Practice.  30 min    Add  $10  for Equipment rental

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