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Referral Rewards Program

Dear Friends of Om` Pop-up Spa;

Thank you for thinking of us & for telling your friends, family & clients about us.

As you know, we don`t have a Store Front & are New to the Comox Valley, so have few aquantences; and  when it comes to Body Work,

most people wont take the chance to try something new unless referred by 3 people, be it family, friends or collegues.

Therefore we would like to hire you!  And You will:

  1. Get Paid for every Referral that Reserves plus for each of their guests.

  2. Save up Rewards & add up Discounts for your own Pop-up Spa or Rescue Retreat.

  3. Receive Priority Bookings for your Referrals.  Give them a card with your Name on the Back.

  4. Receive Priority Bookings for yourself.

  5. Be Invited First to all Newly Released Workshops.

  6. Recieve Discounts on Release Workshops & other Events

To Become a Friend & a Referral Rewards Recipiant:

Please fill in the following Form, we would love to meet you, if we haven`t already & make it even easier for you to refer us.

Thank you

James & Shirl

Release Workers


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