Where would you like your Om' Pop-up Spa?

We have provided Pop-up Spa Services onboard Mega Yachts; Condo Cruise Ship`s Spa;

 by Back yard Pools, Forests & Gardens; Camping Tents; Home Studios;

B n B Inns; Homes & Holiday Homes & Destination Resorts.

We look forward to placing Your Pop-up Spa location on this page.

Approved Accommodations

  • Mount Washington Resort: Bear & Deer Lodge, Slope Side Accommodations
Comox Valley, Central Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada

How to be an Om` Spa Approved Accommodation

To Qualify for Om`Spa Status, your Home or Holiday Home will need to provide the Essential Elements of a Health Spa.  These Elements are necessary for healing to be encouraged.  In honor of the life giving properties of Air, Water, Earth & Fire you will need to incorporate these principles into the Spa Atmosphere. 

  • Hydrotherapy: Hot Tub, Bath Tub or Sauna

  • Water Beverages: Herbal Tea, Citrus infused water or Bottled Spring Water

  • Bath Salts:  Epsom Salt or Himalayan Salt,

  • Herbal Bundle Bath Soaks

  • Sauna, Hot Tub or Salt Bath

Tranquil Comfort
  • Comfortably Warm

  • Low Lighting

  • Fresh Smelling Air

  • Clean & Uncluttered

  • Quiet - Meditative

  • Spa Snacks  (Meat, Raw Veg, Raw Fruit, Nuts)

  • For Two Massage Tables In one Room;

  • Stand for Hot Stone Heater;

  • Stand for Facial Kit;

  • Rehab Work - Yoga Mat;

  • and access to a Sink.

Nature View
  • Aesthetically beautiful view for the Soul

  • Mountains, Oceans, Forests, Gardens, Beach

The Steps to Om` Spa Approval

Step 1

Say Yes to the list on the left.


Step 2

Go to Reservations & choose your dates.


Step 3

We`ll contact you or the provider of your holiday home, to schedule an Approval Consultation.


Step 4

Tour the Space

Test the space for electrical, lighting, heating...


Step 5

Complete the Om` Spa Approval Agreement


Step 6

Release Work for 1 couple, if time permits.

  • A great way to trial the space before the Spa Event.

  • Allows hosts to share their experience to excite & prepare their invited guests for the event.

  • Hosts can choose to Receive RW  with guests or

  • Choose to Host & invite one more couple.


* Consultations are scheduled for Week Days.

  • Release Work Facebook page